The Legacy conference is known as a safe-haven for like-minded Christian people to educate and learn from others who are accepting their call to “urban ministry” – whether it be through writing, spoken-word, or preaching.

A writer’s panel will take place today which includes well-known writers in the African-American faith community such as: Jemar Tisby, Trillia Newbell, and even Urban Faith’s very own John Richards.

During the conference, attendees have an opportunity to obtain spiritual growth through 20 workshop tracks that will include 2-hour workshops, entertainment through hip-hop concerts and spoken word events, and community service projects that will take place throughout Chicago. All activities are based on this year’s theme: Imago Dei (Image of God)

The conference lasts for three days, ending on Saturday July 26. If you are in the Chicago area this week, join the legacy and visit to register.

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