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The Air Force rejected a man for poor eyesight, but he decided to fly anyway. One day, he tied five helium balloons to his lawn chair, packed a lunch, released the cords holding his chair, and took off. He intended to climb 30 feet, stay there a few hours, and come down. Instead, as soon as he cut the cords holding his lawn chair, he streaked 11,000 feet into the sky. An airline pilot spotted him and radioed the tower. A helicopter had to rescue him. The police charged him for violating air space. He paid a price for what he did not know. Like this man, some people don’t know what God can do for them. According to the Apostle Paul (1 Cor. Ch. 1), they stumble at the cross of Christ. They are unable to accept Christ’s death by crucifixion as a pathway to power and freedom. How can a criminal be a savior? Others, like the Greeks of Paul’s day, laugh at the cross of Christ. They consider it nonsense that a person could rise from the dead; to them, death means defeat, not victory. But Paul said there is another group; they are foolish enough to simply believe what God has revealed. By accepting Jesus Christ as God’s remedy for sin, they experience God’s power and wisdom daily. So rather than stumble or laugh at the cross of Christ, wise people humbly bow before it. When they do, they discover God’s forgiveness, power, and victory.

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