In Memoriam: The TNIV


The TNIV text was used in many of Zondervan's Bible products, including some that were marketed to an urban audience, such as The Bible Experience (see below), the popular dramatized reading of the Scriptures featuring the voices of top African American actors.

Let me begin by asking a simple question: What Bible translation do you use and why?

As a pastor and wannabe theologian, I own, read, and use countless Bibles and various translations. My bookshelves are filled with everything from the KJV to The Message. A couple years ago, I made the switch to the TNIV (Today’s New International Version) as my primary Bible for devotional reading. Prior to that, I was using mostly the NIV and NRSV. My pastoral staff at Quest Church (and even our denominational tribe, the ECC) also began teaching from the TNIV as part of our ongoing commitment to exegetical preaching. So, I was very disappointed to read yesterday that the TNIV will be abandoned and written off as a “mistake” by its publisher, Zondervan.