Book of Eli: A Post-Apocalyptic Faith Journey

Book of EliDespite negative reviews, The Book of Eli is not as bad as the buzz. Some of the criticism seems directly related to the film’s Christian themes, and understandably so. If someone does not understand or accept the significance of the Bible as the inspired Word of God, then he or she will find the premise of the movie to be rather absurd. And it doesn’t help that this is one more entry in a recent string of post-apocalyptic films.

Blamed for the nuclear holocaust which took place 30 years prior, every known copy of the Bible has been destroyed, or so it is believed. Unknown to many, one copy still remains, and Eli (Denzel Washington) must protect it from the likes of Carnegie (Gary Oldman), a greedy mob boss who wishes to corrupt its power and authority in order to manipulate the weak and desperate.