Fighting Back

THE WRONG WOMAN: It's not for the money, says Shirley Sherrod about the lawsuit that she filed against her defamers; it's to make a point against reckless journalism that can destroy lives.

The innocent victim of a political attack, Shirley Sherrod recently filed a lawsuit against those who twisted her gesture of racial reconciliation into a charge of racial discrimination and caused her to lose her job. Had her accusers done their homework, they would’ve realized that trying to nail a “reverse racism” label on a woman of Sherrod’s history was not wise.


White Beauty Queen, Black University

The story about Nikole Churchill, the white student who recently won the title of Miss Hampton at the predominantly black Hampton University, has challenged a lot of folks to look at the race issue from yet another angle. Churchill beat out nine black women to win the school’s 15th annual beauty pageant, which awards a scholarship in addition to that fancy tiara. She was the first non-black student to ever win the crown.