BET’s Dirty Laundry

BET's Dirty Laundry for urban faithPutting BET’s Business in the Street

BET's Dirty Laundry for urban faithAndreas Hale, former Executive Editor of Music for, got the pink slip this week and tried to take the company down with him. After nearly a year at the urban entertainment network, the executive left his post by sending a fiery email to industry friends confirming what many critics of the network have long suspected: BET is a hot mess.


Stop Hating and Pray

Stop Hating and Pray for urban faithIf the stories in this edition of Pop & Circumstance have a common theme, it’s the call for audiences — viewers, listeners, and users of media — to exercise more compassion, discernment, and responsibility in the way they interact with pop culture. Come to think of it, those are themes found in many editions of P&C. Anyway, we talk about them more explicitly this time around. So let’s get started.