King James or King Jesus?

King James or King Jesus?

King James, Lebron James

the future of the NBA Hall of Fame, (fans might say).

Showing a worshiping attitude unto his accolades.

So Lebron takes this to the ego and begins to call himself a king.

Is he really?

Well, it’s OK if you might think so,

but my King, King Jesus, reigns far supreme on King James.

King Jesus is who I worship and no other king.

For as long as I live, King Jesus will forever be the One I can look too and give praise.

Jesus paid the ultimate cost for us.

Dying on the Cross for our sins, and for that we owe our everything to Him.

King Jesus even humbled Himself to come down on earth and live as a servant to be obedient to His father’s commands.

With that humble attitude I believe we all need to be likeminded with the same mind as the King.

The real King: King Jesus.

Now who will you worship?

The choice is yours, but I encourage you to make that leap toward salvation and worship the King of kings!