A New Holiday Tradition: Christian Boycotts

Gap Ad 155x125The clothing retailer Gap Inc. is creating yuletide buzz with its latest television ads. But is it the kind the company wants?

Apparently inspired by dance sequences from Disney’s High School Musical, as well as Fox’s Glee, Gap launched a colorful holiday campaign with catchy and inclusive lyrics that include such lines as “Tis the time to liberate … Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, Go Kwanzaa, Go Solstice” and “Happy Do Whateveryouwannakah!”

It’s all a very cheery, politically correct affair, except that anyone who’s been paying attention the past few Christmases knows that them there are fightin’ words for the American Family Association and other Christian groups that have made it an annual tradition to call out any company that appears to be watering down “Christmas” in its holiday marketing.