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The African bishop St. Augustine said this about the mind: “What a great faculty memory is, how awesome a mystery! It is the mind, and this is nothing other than my very self.” Another great writer said, “Life without memory is no life at all…Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it, we are nothing.” It’s true—without memory, we would forget how to walk, talk, eat, find our way home, and a host of other necessary activities that make life meaningful. The Bible urges us to use our minds to recall what God has done for us and give Him thanks—to recall that God is powerful, loving, faithful, and therefore, worthy of our trust. We can recall God’s promises to Abraham, how God has fulfilled them through Jesus who brought redemption to humans and promised us eternal joy. This joy becomes ours when we turn from our sins and place our faith in Christ’s atoning sacrifice. We can use our memory to anticipate God’s promises for the future. Paul calls this the hope of eternal life that God promised before the world began. God blessed us immensely by creating us in His own image with a memory to live above animals and have fellowship with Him. We should all do as Psalm 105:1 exhorts: “Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim his greatness.” He is worthy of our praise. He is worthy that we should love and obey Him.

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