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An old story tells about a desert nomad who woke up hungry during the night. He lit a candle and began to eat dates from a bowl. He bit into one and saw a worm, so he threw that date out of the tent. He bit into another one and found another worm and threw it away. Thinking he would have no dates left if he kept that up, he blew out the candle and quickly ate all the dates. Some people think they can get rid of God by blowing out the candle—by denying that God exists. Some religions that don’t have a remedy for sin just deny that sin exists. Yet God reveals in the Bible that Adam and Eve’s disobedience infected the entire human race. In ancient Israel’s history, God used animal sacrifices to teach them that all sin must be atoned. God promised that one day, He would send a Redeemer to truly atone for all our sins. God’s word is clear that only a perfect sacrifice can satisfy God’s perfect holiness. God made this clear to the Prophet Ezekiel (chapter 43). He saw that in the future only those made pure by God’s remedy would have access to God. That is why we cling to Jesus the Christ. He alone can take away the guilt of our sin.

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