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According to research at the University of California, some people can recall what happened on almost any day of their lives—like what dessert they ate 20 years ago, or what they were doing when they heard South Africa had released Nelson Mandela from prison. Such profound memories astound us. But even more amazing is God’s ability, not only to recall every detail of every event that has ever occurred, but also to know every thought that every person has ever had. We read in Psalm 94:11 that the Lord knows the thoughts of every person—this includes all who have ever lived on earth. God not only knows our thoughts, Psalm 139 tells us the number of thoughts God has for each one of His children exceed all the grains of sand on all the beaches on earth! God’s knowledge of everything and everybody is amazing. Of course, that’s bad news for people who think they can ignore God and get away with it. In fact, Psalm 94 says it is laughable to think that the God who gave us ears and eyes does not know what we are doing. But it is good news for those who belong to God. It tells us that God knows in advance every experience we have. The psalmist reminds us as James 1:3 does: We can consider trouble as occasions for joy. Trials prove that God knows and loves us. With them, He refines our character–until we are ready for His blessings!

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