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A recent report told how some doctors often treat people covertly in war zones. They often lack electricity, medical supplies, and anesthesia, but their passion to help hurting people drives them to go anyway, even despite danger. When God told Peter to go visit the Roman centurion Cornelius, Peter knew there was little physical danger, but he would risk his reputation among his Jewish religious community. Jews would never enter a Gentile home for fear of pagan contamination. But God changed Peter’s mind. He let him see in a vision a sheet of unclean animals; then God told him he must never consider anyone unclean that God called clean. The vision persuaded Peter to accept Cornelius’ invitation to visit him. Peter was now convinced he should adopt God’s view of Gentiles rather than let his prejudice govern his behavior. So he obeyed the Holy Spirit and decided to go with the messengers that Cornelius had sent to get him. Peter invited the men to spend the night, and the next day he went with them to visit this Gentile home. We are always better off when we obey what God has revealed in His Word—whether or not we fully understand all the reasons for His instructions.

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