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One marketing expert says you can distribute any product anywhere in the world IF you create what people want; then price it so people can earn money to produce, assemble, store, transport, and resell; and still be affordable to the consumer. That is why you can buy a Coke almost anywhere in the world. Before Jesus left the earth He outlined a strategy for transmitting the Gospel worldwide. In Acts 1:8, He told His disciples they were to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and to the end of the world. As His witnesses, He wanted them to tell people who His is—God’s Son, about His love, about His willingness to forgive the sins, about His desire for justice and righteousness, about His teaching that people should give up their self-centered agendas to follow Him. To achieve this worldwide objective, He said they should not begin until they were equipped by the Holy Spirit. Those first disciples loved Jesus so much that they dedicated themselves to His agenda. That generation told the next generation, and the next told the next, until it reached us. Now our task is to tell our generation. Of course, when we speak about our faith in Christ, we must always be courteous, and we must not keep pestering those who make it clear they do not want you to hear our testimony. But if we never share our faith, we hamper our Lord’s plan of telling the world about Him.

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