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People offer various reasons why they reject or neglect the Bible. Some say it is filled with myths—made-up stories to explain how and why things happened. Some say the Bible conflicts with science, that it is filled with contradictions, or has historical inaccuracies. From my limited experience, the unexpressed reason people reject the Bible is that it makes them fearful and guilty; they don’t want to answer to God for their failure to obey Him. So they rationalize why they don’t need to respect it. Yet it is refreshing to notice how confident the psalmist was in the reliability and durability of God’s word. In Psalm 119:89 the writer says: “Your eternal word, O LORD stands firm in heaven… Your regulations remain true to this day, for everything serves your plans.” The writer regarded God’s word as reflecting God Himself, so he clings to God’s word just as he clings to God. He finds in God’s revealed truth comfort, guidance, security, and the assurance he longs for in all of life’s circumstances. God’s word is reliable because it reflects God’s character. Those who study and meditate on the Scriptures find in them a treasure of truth that not only helps them navigate through the complex world around us; the Bible leads us into a more intimate relationship with the God of the universe, and with His Son, Jesus Christ—to whom all flesh must one day give account.

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