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Experts say it is hard to know exactly how many sex slaves exist, either in America or abroad, but all agree that each year millions of women and children are bought and sold for sex. And besides the industry, sex outside of marriage is so common, few people blink at the practice, including many who profess faith in our Lord. Yet Paul the Apostle had much to say about extra-marital sex. In 1 Corinthians Chapter 6, he gave several compelling reasons why we should avoid sex outside of marriage, especially those who profess faith in Jesus the Christ. Paul said God purchased us by the death of His Son, and since God now owns us and His Spirit now lives inside of those who have accepted Him, we must not disgrace His dwelling place by using our bodies for sex sin. He also said that since God designed sex for marriage, and it involves the whole person—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—we sin against our bodies when we distort God’s purpose for us by having sex outside of marriage. Furthermore, the Apostle says that since the bodies of God’s people are destined for eternal glory, we ought not to use them for illicit sex sin here on earth. His final advice is simple but wise—“flee,” run away, from sex outside of marriage—even though many people are practicing it.

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