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Even though Serena Williams did not win the 2015 Grand Slam, she has a winning attitude. A reporter once asked her secret when she is behind in the score. She says “I keep saying to myself, ‘Keep going, Serena; keep going.’” That is a little like Apollos years ago. He had a good education in Jewish theology, philosophy, and debating skill, but he did not have a complete understanding of the work of Christ to give us salvation. All he knew was what John the Baptist preached—that the Messiah was coming and people should get ready by repenting of their sins. But we read in Acts chapter 18 that when “Priscilla and Aquila heard him preaching boldly in the synagogue, they took him aside and explained the way of God even more accurately.” They filled him in on what he did not know. Unlike many people who think their little education makes them an expert, Apollos listened to his teachers, and as a result, he became a powerful minister for Christ. There is a lesson here for us. God wants us to use the skills He has given us. Yet we can improve them by education and practice. Most of all, God wants us to keep coming back to Him so He can teach us more about Himself, His Word, and His will for us and our community.

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