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Since 1954, some scientists have proposed that other universes exist besides our own. They deduce this because they cannot otherwise explain certain laws of physics. So far, they cannot prove it one way or another. But since we rely on God’s word when it speaks on a subject, we can say that reality exists beyond our physical universe. We know God is spirit and He exists outside of creation — so do angels. We also know that Christ is at the right hand of God. Of course, we cannot describe the details of the spirit world; but we know it is there. The Bible tells us that God created the physical universe and us. By breaking God’s moral law, we alienated ourselves from God. But in love, God’s Son came into our physical world. He revealed truth about God then died to pay for our sins. Before dying, Jesus declared that by shedding His blood he was establishing a new covenant — a new agreement with humanity. We learn from Hebrews 8 that, based on His death, God will forgive all who place their faith in Jesus. God has made His Son Ruler over heaven and earth — all the seen and unseen spheres. Today He lives in heaven but one day He will return to rule over the earth. Until then, we seek to please Him in our personal lives, our homes, our churches, and our communities.

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