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A young lady once remarked to me that when she heard good news, she could not keep it to herself; she said, “I have to tell somebody!” I suspect that is true for most of us. It was certainly true when the church was born, which we read about in the book of Acts. Stephen’s martyrdom triggered widespread persecution, led by Saul. Christians had to flee Jerusalem to stay alive. Yet wherever they went, they kept telling people about Jesus. They could not keep the Good News to themselves. Take Philip, for example. The Apostles earlier chose him to help oversee a ministry of feeding poor widows—because he had a heart of compassion. He also had a burning desire to take the Gospel to Samaritans. He doubtlessly knew how Jesus violated custom and went there where he met the woman at the well. Philip also knew that in giving the Great Commission, Jesus said don’t forget the Samaritans. So he was influenced by Jesus’ actions, and constrained by the Holy Spirit. Philip had a world view that embraced all people. He went to the very place where Jesus said the Gospel should go, even though many Jews despised those people. Philip did not let ethnic and religious pride stop him from sharing his faith. He had to tell somebody. Surely we need more people like Philip today.

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