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According to some scholars, God’s people of faith have had an enormous impact on society. They foster just laws, respect for life, and compassion for the poor. They promote education, science, democracy, and freedom of worship, work, and marriage. After the Apostle Paul established the church on the island of Crete, he appointed Titus to oversee the church. Later the Apostle wrote him a letter of instructions for leaders, church members, and the conduct of God’s people in the community. In his teaching, he challenged leaders to live blameless lives, to be faithful to their families, and to avoid being greedy for money. He urged older people of faith to model good behavior and to teach young people how to avoid pitfalls. Then he added that all of them should behave each day in ways that make positive impacts on their community and culture. He said people of faith should submit to the government, always be ready to do good, and never speak evil of others or quarrel with them. Instead, we should be gentle and show true humility to everyone. He taught that by acting in these ways, we make a positive impact on our culture and our community. His teaching agrees with that of Jesus that God’s people are to be the salt of the earth to retard chaos, and to provide light for those who choose to live upright lives.

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