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When some people say “God is good—all the time,” it may be just a cliché; but many say it because of what God has done for them. They know from experience that God is good. That was true of the psalmist. He gained that insight after his own experience. When he saw how wicked people prospered while the godly seemed never to get ahead, he almost abandoned God. Like many people, he attributed health and wealth to God’s favor, and poverty and sickness to God’s disfavor. So he envied wicked people who seem to have everything while he, trying to live a godly life, had little. In Psalm 73, he said in frustration, “these fat cats have everything their hearts could ever wish for!” That perception controlled him until he went into God’s Temple, the place where God revealed the truth to him. In God’s presence, the scales fell off his eyes. He then realized that the wicked were in a fantasy, a dream, reality only in their minds. They were counting on “stuff” to make them secure. God helped him see that having God was far more valuable than the mirage of wealth. For with God, one has the Maker of earthly wealth as well as the Source of true riches that cannot lose value—immune to inflation or the stock market. God says to His children, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

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