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According to Webster’s Dictionary, a promise is an agreement to do or not to do something. Our world depends on people making and keeping their word—in friendships, in marriage, in business, or in international relationships. People who repeatedly fail to do what they say should ask themselves: “Why am I making this promise—to benefit others or me?”
“Am I realistic in what I agree to, or do I agree to do more than I can deliver?” People respect honesty. And when we fail to deliver, do we handle it well? Promise-keepers earn respect. God offers Himself as the perfect model for promise-keeping. Example: God promised to multiply Abraham’s offspring like the stars in the sky and give his people the land of Canaan. Even though they were enslaved for 400 years, God set them free. We learn from Exodus Chapter 11 that the king of Egypt was reluctant to let them go free, even after the land experienced nine horrible plagues. God finally said, “I will strike Pharaoh and the land of Egypt with one more blow. After that, Pharaoh will let you leave this country. In fact, he will be so eager to get rid of you that he will force you all to leave.” God kept His promise. Of course, we do not have God’s infinite wisdom and absolute power to deliver all we may promise. Still, our aim should be to keep our word when it is within our power to do so.

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