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Americans spend $2 trillion per year on healthcare. Even though some people may not get all the care they need, still, we spend that much because we care about our bodies. We want to be healthy. The desire to stay healthy is good. Yet, when we realize that our physical bodies are only a part of our makeup, reason dictates that we give attention the other parts as well—especially our spiritual well-being—our relationships with God and others. One reason to do this is that God tells us to do it. We are incomplete without him and without other people. To provide our relationship with God, God gave His Son to die for our sins so we can be reconciled to Him. God gave His Spirit to indwell us, to teach us, and to empower us to live to please Him. And God has provided the fellowship of local believers to facilitate our need for teaching, worship, fellowship, and serving others. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul identifies certain gifts and abilities God has given to the church to build it up. If we fail to connect with a local church, we not only rob ourselves of the blessings the church offers us, we rob each other of the mutual benefits such gatherings provide. Most of all, we disappoint our Lord who designed the church to fulfill His purpose in the world.

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