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Years ago, a professor at the University of Chicago agreed to teach a seminar in astrophysics. He lived in Wisconsin, but planned to commute twice a week to teach the class. When only two students signed up, they thought he would cancel the class. But he didn’t. He commuted 100 miles twice a week in the dead of winter. Ten years later, both of those students won Nobel prizes for physics. That teacher’s faithfulness was richly rewarded. God wants us to know He is faithful. We see it in creation’s physical laws like gravity, seasons, and the light and life of the sun. We see it in the way God has kept His promises to Noah, Abraham, and David. We see it in the way He kept His promise to send His Son into the world to pay our sin debt. We see it in the way He sends His Spirit to live inside of all who accept Jesus as their Savior. God’s Spirit teaches, encourages, and strengthens us to live in this world. We see it in the way God forgives us when we confess our sins or fall short of His desires for us. In Isaiah chapter 54, we read one of God’s promises to ancient Israel: “For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with great compassion I will take you back.” God does exactly all He promises to do. He is absolutely trustworthy, so those who place their faith in Him can count on His faithfulness forever.

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