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One architect says he has 50 ways to make sure a structure is built right and will last. In the old days, builders used a cornerstone to make sure a structure was built right and would stand. So when the Apostle Peter told us about the spiritual Temple Christ is building called the Church, he used the cornerstone to make his point. In 1 Peter Chapter 2, Peter said Jesus Christ is the Living Cornerstone of the Church, and those who believe in Him are living stones God is using to complete His spiritual building. As the Living Cornerstone, Christ assures that the design and direction of God’s Temple, the Church, is exactly what God designed. Peter also says believers in Christ are priests in God’s Temple. We can offer sacrifices that are acceptable to God. Since God loves us so much and gave His Son to die for us because we are so precious to Him, the Bible urges us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God—our hearts, our possessions, our praise, and our feet and our hands. God is very pleased with these kinds of sacrifices—ones that show His love in the world.

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