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When we offend others, we owe them the debt of reconciliation. If this true in human relations, think how indebted we are to God. Our sins separate us from Him. Isaiah the prophet cried out, “It’s your sins that have cut you off from God. Because of your sins, he has turned away and will not listen anymore.” [59:2] When we sin, we outrage God’s holy nature. Restoration requires admitting guilt and making atonement for our offense. But only God, the offended one, can set the terms for restoration. A perfect God requires a perfect atoning sacrifice. Since none of us can meet that requirement, God sent His own perfect Son to offer the perfect sacrifice. Then God showed His immense grace by declaring that His Son’s sacrifice would serve as a substitute for every person who repents and accepts His Son as their Savior. Think how generous God is to let His only Son take the full punishment for all our human failures! To teach ancient Israel how holy God is, God said to Moses, “Warn your brother, Aaron, not to enter the Most Holy Place behind the inner curtain when ever he chooses; if he does, he will die.” Since God gave His Son to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins, we would be foolish to ignore God’s provision for our reconciliation and salvation.

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