This week much of the country was gripped by wintry weather including the Southeast which experienced ice storms and snow that shut down much of the start of Georgia. Thankfully the sun and the good news continues to abound to thaw us out. Here is this week’s good news.

Obama comes to the aid of young black boys. This is the first time a president has ever ear-marked programming for that demographic. (JET)

Gabe Sonnier goes from picking up papers as a janitor to grading them and becoming a principle and inspires the world in the process. (Huffington Post)

A new workout inspired by the bodies of Black History goes viral and makes everyone wonder if the next revolution will be exercise. (Colorlines)

As part of a series of interviews celebrity personalities are doing with President Obama on the Affordable Care Act, Yolanda Adams talks with Obama about its significance for the black community. (Yolanda Adams Morning Show)

Dr. John Wilson becomes the 11th president of Morehouse, the nation’s only all-male historically black male college. (Atlanta NPR)

And lest we forget what weekend this is:

It turns out that college can be a great place to find love, especially if those colleges are Spelman and Morehouse. (Inside Spelman)

United Methodist pastor and writer Francis Cudjoe Waters takes on God and Valentine’s Day. (The Root)

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!



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