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According to the National Geographic channel, five kinds of evidence point to the existence of UFOs. 1)The long history of sightings; 2) Modern sightings by credible people; 3) Consistent descriptions of alien ships;4) Possible physical evidence left; and 5) documented physical changes on people who saw them. While we cannot evaluate the merits any of this evidence for UFOs, we have compelling reasons to accept Christ’s identity as God’s Son and Messiah. In John chapter 5, Jesus pointed to John the Baptist as a witness. Jesus declared that his teachings and miracles prove His identity. He pointed to His Father’s voice from heaven at his baptism declaring Him to be His Son. Jesus also pointed to the Scriptures that described and predicted his coming. He pointed to His own self identification as God’s Son, coming as He said in His Father’s name. Finally, Jesus pointed to Moses, the revered Jewish ancestor who wrote about Jesus the Messiah. Yet for the people in Jesus day—as well as for us—our world is like a sinking ship or a burning building. To preserve our life both here and hereafter, we must choose whether we will accept or reject the life raft He offers. We can accept God’s offer of life through His Son, or we can reject Him and perish.

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