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Although home mortgage burnings are rare these days, churches still celebrate the end of making payments on their building. Our Lord’s resurrection was also a great time to rejoice. It signaled the end of God’s long held plan to save us from the bondage of sin. God revealed His intent many times throughout the Bible. One place is Zechariah Chapter 4. Back then, God told the prophet not to despise the day of small things—the day workers began to rebuild the Temple the Babylonians destroyed. God said even though the Temple His servant Zerubbabel will begin to build is small in comparison to the one the Babylonians destroyed; yet, God said, he will finish it because my Spirit will empower him to do it. And when he finishes it, people will shout in celebration. They will shout because Zerubbabel symbolizes God’s future ruler, the Messiah, who will complete God’s work of redemption. So the resurrection of Jesus from the dead signified that God kept His word to send the Messiah to save us. We rejoice also because just as God kept that promise, He will keep every promise He has made to us.

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