Are you a black business owner? If so, you might want to consider moving to Brazil. Yes, Brazil. A recent study from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics shows the profound increase in entrepreneurship among blacks in Brazil since 2001. (

After you have been diligently running your business or – perhaps – have endured a long, hard week at the office, read about 4 ways to manage your work-related stress. (JET)

Congratulations to Jedidah Isler! She recently became the first black woman to receive a PhD in Astronomy from Yale University. (Facebook)

There’s also good news not just for the Ivy League, but also for the ‘Black Ivy League.’ One of nation’s most influential and youngest black media professionals, Marc Lamont Hill is leaving his position as professor at Columbia University to teach at Morehouse in the fall. (

Temple University (which happens to be Hill’s alma mater) has witnessed, what could be considered, a miracle. Researchers have successfully eliminated the HIV Virus from human cells. (CBS Philly)

Actress Regina King is participating in the upcoming season of Scandal…as a director! King will prove that she possesses strengths behind the scenes as she works with Shonda Rhimes on the 16th episode of the 4th season of everyone’s “favorite” Thursday night show. (Centric)

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