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Marathon runners know they have to dig deep to win a race. But research shows that to succeed in any profession, the main ingredient is not talent, but the exceptional commitment to the goal. In other words, the passion to keep going despite difficulties is more important to success than having just great talent. Perseverance is vital in a literal foot race or in the race to remain faithful in our Christian walk or in our service for the Lord. In the parable of the sower and seed, Jesus alerts us that if we are not careful, distractions, worldly cares, trials, and troubles will cause us to stumble and fall short of our eternal goal. Again in Revelation chapter 3, Christ encourages His followers in the church at Philadelphia to persevere despite distractions and difficulties. He said, “Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take away your crown.” Jesus promised His followers who persevered under stress that enormous blessings and rewards were waiting for them. The benefits of persevering for our Lord are enormous. For that reason alone, we should stand firm for Christ, His kingdom, and church.

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