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People search to discover their purpose in life because God created us in His likeness—and God has purpose in all He does. God promised to give Abraham’s descendants the Land of Canaan as a home. God described it to Moses as a good land, fertile and spacious, flowing with milk and honey. Even though God said their entry would be marked by conflict, if they kept their covenant obligations, it would become for them a place of Sabbath rest, refreshment, and fulfillment. Sadly, they failed to live as God required, so they never experienced the peace, joy, and fulfillment He offered. So God promised to establish another rest for His people—not a literal rest but a spiritual one, more enduring. It comes by faith in God’s Son, offered to Jews and Gentiles alike. Today, all who accept Him gain access to all that God offers. From God, we gain wisdom and power to fulfill His purpose for us. As we draw near to God, He enlarges our capacity. Not only do we enjoy personal satisfaction and fulfillment, we benefit others from the exercise of our abilities. That is why the writer of Hebrews 4 urges us, “Let us do our best to enter that rest.” For with it comes forgiveness, peace, and power to live a purpose-filled life—right here on earth and eternal joy when life on earth ends.

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