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The famous baseball player Reggie Jackson once got a scolding from his manager. The manager’s rule was never to steal a base unless he gave a sign. Reggie knew that, but stole second anyway. The manager was furious. He told him, “When you stole second, you left first base open. The pitcher then walked our next best hitter to keep him from batting. You spoiled my game plan by considering only your part.” Unlike Reggie Jackson, ancient Zechariah faithfully did his priestly duty of offering incense as the law required. He was faithful even though his nation’s religious leaders were corrupt, the Roman overlords were brutal, and his people were hurting. While he faithfully obeyed God, he was praying for a son, and perhaps praying for the Messiah to bring deliverance. Luke Chapter 1, says that God sent Gabriel to tell him some good news. Not only would God give him and his aged wife a son, but his son John would serve as the forerunner of the Messiah. Yes, he failed to believe all that the angel told him about his son. Still, God richly rewarded him–because of his faith and his faithfulness in serving the Lord. Like Zachariah, when we trust God faithfully obey God’s known will, we position ourselves to experience God’s best.

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