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Somebody said, “Life frequently happens to us when we are busy planning something else.” That was true of Moses. In his early life, he had a burning desire to see his people set free from Egyptian oppression. He killed that Egyptian overseer to rescue one man from brutality. Of course, when Pharaoh found out what he had done, he had to flee for his life. In Midian, he met and married an Ethiopian woman, settled down, and worked as a shepherd for her father, Jethro. We see in Exodus Chapter 3 how 40 years later, he took the sheep to the backside of a mountain to graze. There, unexpectedly, God called to him from the middle of a bush. God identified Himself as the God of his ancestors—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In that encounter, God reset Moses’ life. He would soon learn that the 40 years he spent working as a shepherd were not wasted, but prepared him for the leadership job God now calls him to do. As a shepherd, he had learned many lessons—humility, patience, plus the culture of the people he would later lead. As with Moses—sometimes with us—we may find ourselves in unplanned or unexpected situations. If we are passionate to do God’s will, we may find that God sometimes resets our lives; yet all along, He is preparing us for His very wise purpose.

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