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Who do you think you are? is the title of a book by Keith Leon. He cites examples of famous people to help readers discover their purpose in life. In Jesus day, someone posed that very question to Him—“Who do you think you are? We learn in John Ch. 8 that Jesus had stated that no one who obeys His teaching would ever die. Not realizing Jesus was speaking of spiritual death, they posed two questions: Are you greater than our father Abraham is who died? Who do you think you are? Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, before Abraham was even born, I AM!” What did Jesus mean by saying I AM? He was claiming to be the God who revealed Himself to Moses at the Burning Bush. God told Moses “I AM WHO I AM.” God is self-existing, self-sufficient, without limitations–the only Person in the universe who is not dependent on any other for his existence. Jesus makes that claim about himself. He is the great I AM who volunteered to become human. As a human, He knows our weaknesses; he died to redeem us from sin; he rose again and now lives forever. He invites us to commit our lives to him by faith and extend his kingdom here on earth. We do that when we invite others to experience His forgiveness; by living God-like and doing good deeds. Since Jesus is God in the flesh, we constantly trust and obey Him.

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