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Financial advisors tell us to invest our money in a variety of places to minimize our risk. They say, invest in savings, real estate, large, small, and medium stocks, as well as in domestic and global companies. The purpose of diversifying is to reduce the risk of losing all our money in one place. Jeremiah was delivering God’s message that ancient Israel was on the verge of going into captivity. Nobody would think this was a good time to invest in real estate. But God told Jeremiah to purchase a field from his cousin as an investment. God said He would back up this long-term asset. God said, “Someday people will again own property in this land and will buy and sell houses and vineyards and fields. The LORD went on to say, “Just as I have brought all these calamities on them, so I will do all the good I have promised them. Fields will again be bought and sold in this land about which you now say, ‘It has been ravaged by the Babylonians. Yes, fields will once again be bought and sold – deeds signed and sealed and witnessed. Someday I will restore prosperity to them. I, the Lord, have spoken.” Jeremiah’s investment had no risk because God backed it up. Later, exiles went home just as He promised. God guarantees all of His promises for good or ill—by the power of His nature and character. We do ourselves a huge favor when we study, trust, and obey God’s written word.

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