Mo’Ne Davis and her team, the Philadelphia Taney Dragons, were not the only force in this year’s Little League World Series. Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West team has given Chicago the hope that it’s been waiting for.

JRW-resizeSouthside Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West has returned home from playing in the World Series. Although the games are over, the celebration still continues. JRW defied the odds as the first little league team from Chicago to make it to the World Series in 31 years. ABC has referred to them as “beacons of hope for one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country.”

Cedric Watson, 43, a Chicago native says, “We get so much negative publicity with gangs and shootings that you have no idea how much fun it is to see the attention this has created all over,” and to Chicago citizens, Jackie Robinson West winning the World Series would be like the Bulls winning it all.

During a time of racial injustice, and unfair judgment toward African-American youth, amid an angry Ferguson, Missouri, this achievement shows the stereotypical inner-city black kids in a different light. A substitute teacher admits to there being a handful of bad that graces the streets of Chicago, but she also believes there’s a lot of good, too, and it’s just not broadcasted nor acknowledged. (Chicago Tribune)

This dynamic team has proven that youth can produce positivity from a city that, for many years, has been known for its negativity. Although JRW did not win the entire World Series, they still hold the U.S. champion title for this year. The chance to play internationally against South Korea probably surpassed what these young boys ever believed they could achieve. JRW now stands on the principle that regardless of where you come from, you are capable of exuding positivity and most of all, achieving your goals. Let’s hear it for the boys of Jackie Robinson West!

For those of you in the Chicago area, click here for information about Wednesday’s parade.

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