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Isaac Newton was a scientist. He almost lost his eyesight in an experiment. He stared at the image of the sun reflected in a mirror. Even though the sun’s rays were reduced by the mirror, they still burned his eyes so badly that he suffered temporary blindness for days. Newton’s experience illustrates a truth about God. God is so holy and dazzling in His being that sinful humans cannot survive His presence. In ancient Israel, worshipers dared not approach God without first being symbolically cleansed. The prophet Ezekiel in chapter 43 predicted that in the future, Israel’s worship leaders would have to purify themselves seven days before they could approach God in worship. Even today, we should not kid ourselves about the nature of the God who created us. The Bible clearly teaches that no one can escape accountability to this holy God. Yet God’s awesome holiness is matched by His amazing love. God’s love moved Him to send His Son to earth as a human. Christ died to bridge the gap between a holy God and us. Christ died and rose again so He could intercede with God for us. He reduces God’s blinding glare so we can by faith enter God’s presence. Because of Christ, we can obtain God’s mercy and find grace to help us in our times of need.

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