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Some surveys claim that church attendance in America is declining among some groups. Even though other studies question that claim, there seems to be some truth to the decline. I am no expert is deciphering trends, but if it is declining, I suspect that one reason is that some people are less grateful for God’s blessings. When we become too self-sufficient, we see less need of attending church to thank God for our blessings.  That was a problem long ago with the ancient nation of Israel. In giving them the Promised Land, God warned them that when they became prosperous, they would be tempted to abandon God. We read about one situation in the book of Judges, chapter 10. God blessed them but they were not grateful. They gave credit for their blessings to idols. As a result, God permitted the surrounding nations to oppress them. They cried to the LORD for help. The LORD reminded them of the many times He had rescued them from their enemies. Yet they had abandoned Him, the true God, and served idols. God told them to go cry out to the false gods they had chosen! The people kept pleading with God to help them. God refused to deliver them until they proved their sincerity by repenting of sin and getting rid of their idols. God may withhold our blessings until we confess and forsake our sin; and until we show gratitude for what He has already given us.

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