A $75 million International African American Museum will be built in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, the place where thousands of slaves first set foot in the United States. (Richmond Time Dispatch)

Marvel has decided to switch some things up. Sam Wilson will be the first black man to play the role of Captain America. (theverge.com)

In other firsts, Nia Long is making history as the first black spokeswoman for Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrance, White Diamonds. (Centric)

Brooklyn-bred black male 8th grade metal band signs million dollar contract. The middle school trio has made a two-album agreement with Sony Records which is potentially worth $1.7 million. (HipHopWired)

If you’re the parent of million dollar-making middle schoolers, you’ll definitely need to know how to encourage a successful future for your child – financially. A single mother shares how she’s currently raising a financially responsible 15-year-old. (TheRoot)

Social Media supports a rape survivor with #IAMJADA campaign. Although 16-year-old Jada was first cyber-bullied and embarrassed through social media, she decided use Twitter and Instagram as a platform for taking a stand and speaking out against her attackers. (TheGrio)

Affirmative Action has survived some Texas hatred. To the dismay of some Texas natives, a federal appeals court upheld, again, the University of Texas policy to encourage diversity among its students. (NYTimes)


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