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Queen Elizabeth is the supreme ruler in Britain, yet in practice, she has very little authority. The British Parliament has the real power. The Queen can advise and encourage, but she cannot dictate laws. Throughout history, the world has seen both good and bad rulers. Some have been ruthless; others compassionate. In America, we’re fortunate to have a democracy. We can select our rulers. Psalm 45 depicts ancient Israel’s description of an ideal ruler. The author pictures a monarch that’s so perfect and majestic that he can only be referring to David’s Son, the coming Messiah. At the same time, the Psalm spells out God’s desire for any person in the place of power. Rulers serve best when they realize they represent the Sovereign God of the universe. Integrity, justice, and humility should characterize anyone who serve as leaders. When they speak, words of wisdom and compassion should flow from their lips. Their goal should be to foster truth and righteousness where they serve. While the psalmist celebrates any leader who rules with integrity, he knows that God’s perfect Ruler is still to come. One day, God’s Son will come to take charge of our world. He will be the perfect Ruler. But until then, God counts on us to pursue righteousness and justice on His behalf.

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