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Scientists say Jupiter is a giant planet with far more gravity than the earth. So when objects that could harm the earth hurl through our solar system, Jupiter acts as a vacuum cleaner. It sucks them into itself or causes them to veer away from the earth. Otherwise, we would be a sitting duck for disaster. Just as God planned this for the stability of the earth, He has planned our lives — for His purposes, not ours. Example: Paul wanted to take the Gospel to Rome. His plan was to deliver an offering to Jerusalem and then head west. Surprise–In Jerusalem, the religious fanatics almost stoned him to death. Roman soldiers rescued him. Later, as he defended himself in the council, soldiers had to protect him again from the unruly mob because he insisted that God is able to raise the dead. That night, Jesus spoke to him — to encourage him, to affirm God’s approval of his witness in Jerusalem, and to confirm that he would get to Rome. Jesus said to him (Acts 23:11), “Be encouraged, Paul. Just as you have been a witness to me here in Jerusalem, you must preach the Good News in Rome as well,” Paul did not get to Rome in the way he planned, but he got there in chains as God planned. When we have a burning desire to do God’s will, God oversees our circumstances. In the end, God is glorified, others benefit, and we overflow with joy.

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