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DNA helps to establish the guilt or innocence of people charged with crimes. When the religious leaders charged Jesus with treason, DNA would not have helped him–because the ringleaders were not interested in justice. Because of malice, they rejected Jesus as their Messiah and insisted on his death. Pilate sentenced him to crucifixion. We read this in John Ch. 19, “So they took Jesus away. Carrying the cross by himself, he went to the place of the Skull-Golgotha. There they nailed him to the cross. Two others were crucified with him, one on either side, with Jesus between them. Pilate posted a sign on the cross that read, “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.” The place where Jesus was crucified was near the city, and the sign was written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, so many people could read it. The leading priests objected to the wording and said to Pilate, “Change it from ‘The King of the Jews’ to ‘He said, I am King of the Jews.’” Pilate replied, “No, what I have written, I have written.” To some onlookers, seeing Jesus hanging on a cross meant that his kingdom was lost forever. In reality, he was entering his universal and eternal kingdom. He died as an innocent Lamb, but He arose again. Today, He is God’s chosen Judge for the entire human race. All who come to Him by faith share in His eternal Kingdom.

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