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You have certainly heard about the young man who told his girlfriend he loved her enough to die for her, and he would see her on the weekend — if it did not rain! Love cries out for proof. It is why Moses reminded his people of how God showed them His love. Here are Moses words from Deuteronomy 4: “Now search all of history, from the time God created people on the earth until now, and search from one end of heaven to the other. Has anything as great as this ever been seen or heard before? Has any nation ever heard the voice of God speaking from fire — as you did — and survived? Has any other god dared to take a nation for himself out of another nation by means of trials, miraculous signs, wonders, war, a strong hand, a powerful arm, and terrifying acts? Yet that is what the LORD your God did for you in Egypt, right before your eyes. He showed you these things so you would know that the LORD is God and there is no other. Because he loved your ancestors, he chose to bless their descendants, and he personally brought you out of Egypt with a great display of power.” God proved his love to ancient Israel by the miraculous things He did for them. God has proved His love to us by giving His Son to die for our sins. We show our love to Him when we trust Him, obey Him, and love one another.

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