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Nine-one-one is the number to call for any emergency of fire, crime, or health. When you dial 9-1-1, your call almost instantly connects to a dispatcher. A read-out is in front of the dispatcher with your telephone number and address. In most cases, while you are talking to the dispatcher, the police, fire department, or paramedics are already on the way to you. There was no 9-1-1 system in the first century, so the sisters of Lazarus sent messengers to Jesus. They told Him that his good friend Lazarus was sick. They wanted Jesus to come immediately and heal their brother. But Jesus delayed coming for two days, not because he did not care, but because to Jesus, it was far more important to time his arrival in keeping with God’s plan. He also knew that delaying could deepen the sisters’ faith. Should that not teach us an important lesson? Sometimes God delays His answer to us for purposes beyond our comprehension. At the same time, the wait can deepen our faith, and that too can bring honor and glory to God. Even though Jesus knew the delay would bring temporary grief to the sisters, it would bring greater glory to God. That delay strengthened the faith of both the disciples and the sisters. God’s delays can increase our faith and equip us to do greater things that benefit us, others, and glorify God.

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