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We have numerous ways to recognize those who do well. The simplest way is to say, “Thank you.” Beyond that, we may present them with certificates or plaques, or even money. All through the Bible, God promises to reward those who serve Him in this life. God promises to reward us for the kindness we show others; for winning others to faith in Jesus Christ; for our perseverance under trial; and for living a righteous life. The angel conveyed God’s delight for Daniel — when he came to explain the visions God had given him. On at least two occasions, the angel told Daniel that God highly regarded his servant. In Daniel 9:23 and 10:11, the angel says, “You are very precious to God.” While none of us can claim to deserve God’s commendation, still God delights to recognize what we do for Him. At an early age, Daniel vowed never to defile himself with the king’s dainties; and all through his life, he remained faithful to God. Now in his nineties, God declares his satisfaction with Daniel’s life. Certainly, we can gladly accept any reward that our Lord chooses to bestow upon us. But can any be greater than hearing Him say to us, “Well done, my good and faithful servant?” That can only happen if we do as Daniel did — we purpose to devote our lives to doing the will of God.

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