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Trayvon Martin’s parents have not only had to deal with the tragedy of losing their son, they also heard the jury’s verdict that the man who killed their son was found not guilty. While people debate the merits of that verdict, reports say the mother, in particular, has sought comfort from her faith in Christ, meditation on Scripture, and from fellow believers at her local church. Perhaps the church faithfully stands with her because they know what Jesus told the lukewarm church at Ephesus in Revelation Chapter 2; that unless they loved Him enough to care deeply for fellow believers, He would remove their witness—their lampstand—among the churches. Ever since the time of Christ, His people have coped with tragedy by faith, fellowship, and God’s word. We see in Acts Chapter 5 how the first-century religious leaders summoned Peter and John before their court. They ordered them never to speak or teach about Jesus. When the apostles refused to comply, the leaders had them whipped to a pulp. The bloody apostles left the beating rejoicing that Christ counted them worthy to suffer for His cause. They rejoiced because they knew that although the earthly court had denied them justice, they could appeal to the heavenly court, where the Judge always gets it right. They knew as Dr. King once said, “Though the wheels of justice may grind slowly, they grind exceedingly fine.”

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