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Some years ago, police sharpshooters in New York surrounded a car. In the backseat, they saw a man with a rifle. They tried to negotiate with him. but No answer, No movement. They finally discovered the truth. It was a mannequin. The police tracked down the owner of the car. He told them he did this for protection. He said it helps to look as if you have an armed passenger with you. When Jesus was about to leave his disciples, he armed them–but with certain truths. We find some in John 14. He said, “Let not your heart be troubled” because: 1) I will come again and take you to be with me in heaven; 2) because you know the Father right now and the Father and I are one; 3) because you have the privilege of prayer. You can pray to the Father in my name and I will give you what you ask; 4) because you will have the Holy Spirit living in you. He will be your constant helper and He will never ever leave you; 5) because you will have the Father’s love — He will come and live with you even as I do; 6) and because you will have the gift of my peace — not peace as the world gives, which is shallow or based on circumstances. My peace does not depend on circumstances; it endures. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” Jesus Christ offers to sustain those who know and trust Him forever and ever.

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