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Harriett Tubman led 300 slaves out of the south to freedom. She used a variety of ways to gather them up, but she always relied on the North Star to travel at night. The North Star was her faithful guide to freedom. The reliability of the North Star symbolizes our need for a dependable guide. We need help to navigate life. Sadly, many in the western society have abandoned God’s absolute truth as a reliable guide, especially when it comes to morals. Today, some scholars say no one really knows what is right or wrong; they say anyone who claims to have absolute truth is naive. They argue that when we say a particular vice is sin, we are only expressing our view. To postmodernists, this applies to marriage and family, when life begins and ends, or even our ideas about God, heaven, and hell. In other words, the new attitude is this — we should be free to believe and do whatever we please. No one should contradict another, or claim that we must give account to God. On the other hand, those who accept God’s word as trustworthy, reject that kind of thinking. We still believe that God has revealed Himself in unmistakable ways — in creation, in the Bible, and in Jesus the Christ. We say with the writer in Psalm 28, “The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.”

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