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According to Christianity Today, someone asked G. K. Chesterton—who wrote 80 books—how he would explain the source of all the problems in the world. He skipped over blaming corrupt politicians, warring nations, greedy rich people, and the so-called covetous poor to say this: “What’s wrong with the world? I am.” He pointed to the sober truth that we are all sinners. Of all the reasons experts offer to explain why we act so wickedly, none is more credible than the biblical account. There was a man who lived in history by the name of Adam, whom God created. He had a wife named Eve. Since they were the first couple, all other humans owe their origin to them. They lived in the Garden of Eden. God gave them the clear warning: “The day you eat of this tree you will surely die.” They disobeyed God and ate from it anyway. Their decision to defy God’s clear command resulted in immediate spiritual death, and eventual physical death. From then on, humans have spiraled downward into sin, as told by the Apostle Paul in Romans Chapter 1. The only remedy is the one God provided by sending His Son into the world to pay for our sin. Only Jesus Christ makes possible reconciliation with God. Our choice is simple: we can accept Him, receive God’s forgiveness and power to live a changed life; or we can reject Him, live unfulfilled, and end in eternal death.

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