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Each year, 140 to 160 police officers die in the line of duty. One officer said, “I am more than a police officer. I am a representative of Jesus Christ.” It is true. Police officers are servants of God to keep order. In many ways, police and other government officials foster God’s work in the world. We learn from the book of Ezra Chapter 6 that when angry neighbors tried to stop ancient Israel from rebuilding their Temple, the Persian government stepped in to prevent the stoppage. God worked through King Darius to order the local governor to let the construction proceed. The king even promised to pay the construction costs out of the government taxes; and to punish anyone who interfered with his decree. Of course, governments today seldom finance spiritual activities; but at strategic times, God, as the sovereign ruler of the universe, may use governments to fulfill His purpose. God expects governments to be just and even-handed as they defend and protect citizens. God expects citizens to pay their taxes and obey police officers, because they exist to maintain order at God’s command. When they fail to be just, citizens have the right to call officials to account for their actions by peaceful means—by petitions, the ballot box, and the courts. We all do God’s work in the world when we foster righteousness, justice, and peace.

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